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Uses of Halloumi Cheese

Don't know where to and how to use Halloumi Cheese?

Don't worry we provide you with some ideas to use it. 

Uses of Halloumi Cheese:-

1. Tomato Soup with Halloumi - Diced halloumi into cubes and then dredged them all in flour before frying until crispy then add it to your soup.

2. Whole grilled halloumi with fig jam - You really haven’t had halloumi at its best until you’ve cooked it WHOLE, under a hot grill until browned and gnarly.

3. lamb and halloumi salad with peas - Serve up this light steak and halloumi salad with pitta breads on hot summer’s evenings.

4. Crispy potato and halloumi bake - A comforting mix of sliced potatoes, halloumi cheese and a chilli-hot tomato sauce are baked until bubbling and oozy. There’s a lot to love about this one.

5. Halloumi and sweet potato burgers - Here, we’ve paired it with marinated sweet potato (a game-changer if you haven’t tried it) along with mashed avocado and red peppers. 

6. Pancetta-wrapped halloumi fries - Halloumi fries – but with a meaty twist. Try wrapping sticks of halloumi in a slice of pancetta before frying for an even crispier flavour.

7. Halloumi pasta - Pesto, pasta, halloumi and grilled veg combine in this crowd-pleasing 15-minute meal.

8. Greek cheese and veg lattice tarts - Halloumi and veggies are stuffed inside cream cheese pastry in these decadent lattice pies. Serve, still warm, with a green salad.

9. 10-min halloumi fries - Coat chunky slices of halloumi cheese in polenta and a little spice, then shallow fry until the outside is crisp and the interior is soft and oozy. 

10. Turkish macaroni cheese - Mac and cheese is soul food at it’s finest – chuck some halloumi in there and I’ll be smiling for days.