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Uses of Mascarpone Cheese

Don't know where to and how to use Mascarpone Cheese?

Don;t worry we provide you with some ideas to use it.

Ways to use Mascarpone Cheese:- 

1 Fix up Fruit - Grilled fruit in the summer, poached fruit in the winter. Doesn’t get much better, right? A dollop of mascarpone as a finishing touch does it better. Too much work? Take a pint of berries and combine it with mascarpone for a fast and healthy dessert.

2 Whipped Cream Substitute - Mix a dollop of mascarpone with some honey for a suitable replacement.

3 Make Mascarpone Toast - Take toast, spread mascarpone on nice and thick-like, drizzle on some honey and flaky sea salt, and take this decadence to go.

4 Put it on top of pizza - Spoon some dollops on top of your pie and bake until it gets melty

5 Top Your Soup - It’s especially good on top of naturally sweeter soups, like butternut squash.

6 Create the Ultimate Cheesecake 

7 Add to a tart filling - Combine mascarpone with rhubarb and gelatin for a custardy filling that’s even better with a fruity glaze on top.

8 Swirl into a Gratin Filling - A gratin is a one-dish cold weather go-to that gets better the gooier it gets. But if you want to overachieve with your cheesy casserole dish, add a healthy couple of dollops to the mixture before it bakes.

9 Make an Icebox Cake - Take cookies, something creamy, layer them up and let chill in the fridge. Use thick mascarpone to give the cake a little more structural integrity than whipped cream.

10 Lighten Up Mashed Potatoes - You can try a similar trick with mashed potatoes. Because if mashed potatoes work with sour cream or France’s crème fraîche, they can definitely work with Italy’s answer, mascarpone.