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Uses of Ricotta Cheese

Don't know where to and how to use Ricotta Cheese?

Don't worry we provide you with some ideas to use it. 

Uses of Ricotta Cheese:-

1. Make pancakes - It's the obvious choice for ricotta for a reason, and that reason is a stack of pancakes so light and fluffy you'll never make them without ricotta again.

2. Dollop it on pizza - Use it in place of or in addition to mozzarella on your homemade pie.

3. Pasta - Lasagna is just the beginning. Make any pasta instantly creamy by adding a bit of ricotta to the sauce right before serving.

4. Swap out your morning yogurt - Buh-bye yogurt! Everything yogurt can do, ricotta can do better. Top it with fresh fruit, a drizzle of honey, and maybe a handful of toasted nuts or granola.

5. Bake it - Ricotta becomes extra creamy and decadent when baked. Serve it savory, topped with roasted fruit or jam.

6. Fry it - Note that when you make ricotta fritters, powdered sugar is not optional.

7. Dollop it on any and all desserts - Forget whipped cream—a spoonful of ricotta upgrades grilled fruit and simple pound cakes.

8. Mix it with pesto - Add it to pesto to create a magic sauce for pasta, a cool spread for sandwiches or crostini, or a topping for grilled chicken.

9. Use it as the base for a savory tart - Lay out store-bought puff pastry, slather on some ricotta, and top with vegetables like leeks and carrots.

10. Eat it with a spoon - It's the fastest way to get it from the container to your mouth.