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Making Gardening Easy, Wonder Garden Vermicompost are organic, chemical-free fertilizers made of pure cow dung & other essential nutrients for the optimum health of your plants. It will help you create the home garden of your dreams. With extensive gardening experience at the Good Cow Farms, we realise the art & science of good soil microbiology and strongly believe in chemical-free organic treatment of soils to ensure a sustainable green future for all of us. The cows at our farm are fed organic greens that we grow on the farm. The manure produced by them is then put into beds where the earthworms go to work on the manure, turning it into pure compost. After the earthworms are done, they are shifted to the next bed and the pure unadulterated Vermicompost is packed in containers and then put into bags before being sent to you. At THE GOOD COW CO. we believe that it's our turn to take care of the cows that have served us and are now no longer able to. To realize this dream we have started a range of chemical free gardening products. All the proceeds from these products goes towards our senior cow welfare. USPs OF WONDER GARDEN - This is a single source and single ingredient product Certified organic. Wonder Garden was started with cow welfare in mind. Its proceeds are used to support our older & unproductive cows. DIRECTIONS FOR USE For Starter pots, mix the Wonder Garden Vermicompost with the soil in 1:4 ratio, Sprinkle the vermicompost on top of the soil every 20 days so that it can filter the soil and rejuvenate it.

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